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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend & Doctor Who

 Saturday was a busy day for us what with the first football games of the college season starting that night and all. Mike couldn't wait to watch the LSU game on our new TV. 

I guess the excitement was too much for him
Now for something I find far more important than LSU football, the wondrous show that is Doctor Who. Saturday was their season 7 premier, and it was AWESOME!!!! So in honor of the show's premier my friends and I had a party. I was going to make these Blue Velvet Cupcakes I had pinned awhile back on Pinterest (found here). Everything was going so well and they looked so yummy. That is until my oven decided it hated me!

nice blue batter
 Our has now decided that it will not preheat to the temperature that we select. So I tried to get it somewhere near 350, which it was close to when I stuck the batter in. I thought that it was close enough and I set my timer for 25 minutes. I figured I could check them and most likely keep them in longer since the oven wasn't at the right temperature yet. Boy was I in for a surprise when I went to check on them. My oven burnt almost all of the cupcakes! Some were perfect but others were like little charcoal briquettes.

I was so bummed! I put icing on the least burnt ones and brought them to our Doctor Who party. Everybody loved them and they didn't mind that some of the bottoms were a little burnt crunchy. Now as for the ones I didn't bring, aka the charcoal briquettes, Mike took it upon himself to help out. I do love that man for helping me out with my cupcake problem!


  1. Blue velvet?? Yum!! There's a bakery up near me that does purple velvet cakes - its AMAZING!

  2. Yeah the non-crucnhy one were delicious! I really do like the sound of purple velvet, maybe I'll try making those when my oven likes me again.