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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cleaning / Organizing

So as you all know, I told you that Mike invited people over to watch the Saints game this Sunday. The both of us spent all of Saturday cleaning and getting everything ready for Sunday morning. I'm going to show you my project for storing my necklaces in our small apartment. I got the inspiration from a Better Homes and Garden image.

I thought, I can make something similar to this easy peasy. I used an old cork board for the wedding guest thumb print tree and my mom had extra canvas fabric from when she made a slipcover for the sofa.
I painted the black border frame of the bulletin board brown with some extra dark brow paint that was leftover from some project. I cut the canvas so that it would fit over the cork board part, but either I didn't cut it right or the board grew after I took the measurements.

not exactly perfect
 I'm personally going with the board grew after I marked the canvas and cut it to fit the board. I thoroughly recommend using some adhesive spray to spray over the cork then place your perfectly cut piece of canvas or what either kind of fabric you choose. The adhesive spray helps the fabric to stay without having to shove your pins through something hard, like hot glue. Since my edges weren't close perfect in some areas, I decided to use this extra ribbon border stuff to cover up my imperfections.

 Here it what it looks like when it was all finished. (Sorry for the fuzzy pic)

 I really like it, plus there it no possibility of my necklaces getting broken by our chest of drawers again. Our chest of drawers ate part of one of necklaces a few days ago, but no more!

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