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Monday, September 10, 2012

Finished the LAST of Wedding Stuff

I have finally finished my part of the thank you cards!!! It only took me three months, give or take a week or more. I'm so glad to have them finished. All I have to do now is mail them out tomorrow. Now I wonder how long it's going to take Mike to finish writing the ones to his friends?
So not only did I finish writing thank you cards, but I also finished picking the photos for our wedding album. Picking 40 pages of pictures out of 500+ photos is a lot harder than you think. I had to figure out how many I wanted on each page and if I wanted them in color or black/white, it almost drove me crazy trying to organize the album. I can't wait to see how our wedding album turns out with all the pictures I spent hours organizing. I'll post an update when it arrives.

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