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Monday, October 29, 2012

Yardsale Saturday

Mike and I decided to go to an estate sale Saturday morning. They said estate sale, but it was really a garage sale. I was hoping to find a large farmhouse style dining room table or something similar that I could use as a dining room table, but no go. I did find some cute vintage Pyrex that I got for a total of $5!
After we finished our searching at the estate/garage sale, we stopped at a local flea market. Right off the back I found this oh so cute canvas painting that was originally priced at $30 and it was inside this horrible frame that was about to fall apart. We took if out of the frame and asked the lady if she would take $20, and she said yes. Then after we wondered around some more, Mike found some Magnalite pots. We ended up getting three of them with two lids {we couldn't find the third lid} for around $43.

So our grand total for all of our loot was less than $70. I think Mike is starting to like this whole garage sale/antiquing thing because you can get some pretty cool items for a MUCH cheaper price than if you went and bought it new. I'm trying to slowly acquire items that will be placed in our house, that's after we find one of course. I hope everyone had a fun-tastical weekend like we did!!

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    I love antiquing too!! You found great treasures!