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Monday, October 8, 2012

Newlywed Issue

Hey Y'all! I know I haven't been blogging a lot recently but things are a little crazy at our apartment right now. Mike and I are still in our "adapting stage" of marriage {we are getting use to living with each other}. So here's the deal, we did not live with each other before we got married. I know some people think that's really weird, but it's true. We both know the little bit of friction between us is because we are so confined in our apartment.

Our Apartment {aka a Garage Apartment} is also another source of tension in our "adapting stage." It's really really small, I'm talking less than 500 sq ft maybe even less than that. I'll post some pictures up later, so y'all can have the full effect. We have three rooms: living/kitchen/dining room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. We are making it work, but it is REALLY hard to find room for everything. The kitchen {I don't like with a passion}houses the infamous oven that works whenever it likes and two cabinets. Ok maybe we actually have four cabinets, but that's not the point. We registered for all kinds of nice items and most of them are living in a closet at my mother's house. Countless couples we know have told us that they were never happier than when they lived in their tiny apartment. I'm calling BS on that!!

I want to make the apartment our home, but it's hard to do. On the plus side, we did get the green light from our landlord that we could put pictures up on the walls. I'm super pumped about that!!

Has anyone else gone through their own "adapting stage" in their relationship/marriage?

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  1. i think time will help. like you said, you are both adapting. and adapting in a small place is harder! but pretty soon it will start to feel like home, and when the oven works and pictures are on the walls, and you're having a great day...maybe someday you will look back and remember that and think that these were the best times!! i hope so!