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Friday, October 19, 2012

Girls Night & Baby Questions

Last night I had so much fun with one of my Besties Brittney!!! We had wine and ate so much yummy Indian food. Here are some pics of our girls night.

It was such a blast!! I even got the dreaded question of when we were going to start having baby Bonos. Apparently after my wedding, my friends need something else to obsess about and plan! LOL!! I guess since the wedding happened almost 5 months ago, they need something new to do. I told her not to worry, that after we get a house and settle in {and get Mike his lab puppy} that we would start trying. I want to be a young mom and everything. Mike and I already had this baby talk awhile back and we are on the same page. So hopefully in a year or so we will be ready. Let's just hope it's not twins, since it runs in the family {on my Dad's side and Mike is a twin}, with my luck it will be multiples.

How long after y'all got married did the baby questions start happening?

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