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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Weekend Downtown

Saturday was the Boudin Cook-Off in downtown Lafayette. You get to sample different types of boudin from 20 different boudin makers. It's always loads of fun and lots of people go to enjoy the festivities.
a lot of ppl enjoying some boudin

Boudin Pizza by Deano's Pizza

Blood Boudin by T-Jims'
 The blood boudin was Mike's favorite!! He ate a lot few samples of them during the day.

That evening was Movies in the Park. They played Ghostbusters! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch Ghostbusters in the park at night. We brought an old comforter and a blanket to help keep us warm after the sun went down. It was so much fun!! For dinner we had some yummy chicken and waffle sandwiches from Viva la Waffle food truck. Once the movie started, they had sold out of everything they brought for the night. And yes, they made their waffles green for the night.

inflatable movie screen
Mike and I had so much fun on Saturday!! I liked the fact that we got to do some different {and cheap} activities this weekend. I just have to remember what Saturday night they play the movies in the park.

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