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Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Got Approved!

The pass couple of days have been super stressful for us, because we were waiting to see if we were approved for a home loan. We got the yes or ok yesterday!! So now begins our "official" house hunting. I say official because I've been looking at houses online since before our wedding. 

This has just made my week, and I'll tell you why. Mike's plan was to wait until December to start looking, but I somehow talked him into going drive by a few homes that we liked. So we scoped out the areas, and scratched a few off our list pretty quick. It's amazing what the right angle for a picture can hide {crazy junk yard neighbors}. We really like two homes that we saw, so much so that Mike pushed up his plan of December to November!! {Ok technically it was Halloween but who cares?!}

I'm just one step closer to actually being able to use some of our wedding gifts, that we had absolutely no room for in our little nursery yellow apartment. So what I really really need form y'all is any tips and helpful advice about buying our first home. Any {positive}advice from y'all will be greatly appreciated!

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