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Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's In A Name??

Choosing a name for our puppy was a very hard decision. Hubby insisted we wait on name ideas until after we met him and could feel out his temperament and whatnot. Well, I couldn't do that lol. You would not believe how many websites / name lists there are for dog names! So I made a list of names that I liked {some I thought Hubby would like} and went from there.

A few names got nixed because of one thing or another, but we narrowed it down to around 10 names before Saturday morning. So during the whole ride back home, we discussed what name to give our newest family member. I had a few I really liked. Hubby had a few he really liked. We couldn't find the ONE name that we both completely agreed on.

After a 2.5-3 hour car ride home, we still didn't have a name picked. I came up with the idea of having the puppy help pick his name. We both had two names we really liked, so I wrote them each on small pieces of paper. I laid the names out in front of me and hubby held the puppy so he could see the papers. Which ever name the pup touched first would be his name, that was our plan.

Duke {Me}
Gunner {Me}
Hank {Hubby}
Luke {Hubby}

Well the puppy touched two names, one right after the other. Unfortunately I hated the first name {Hank}, so I made the executive decision to veto that vote. Hubby agreed and we are going with the puppy's second choice.

Drum Roll........

His name is Luke!

On a side not, hubby's BFF's dog's name is Beau {that's pronounced Bo}. So together we have Beau and Luke, like the Dukes of Hazzard. Yeah we are corny people sometimes. :) Did anyone else have problems when it came to picking out names??

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