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Thursday, March 14, 2013


I feel like death today. I've been having an oh so awesome cough / sore throat for a few days. Today I wake up and either I have no voice at all or I sound like a thirteen year old boy going through puberty. Why is it that every time you have a a bad cough, it always comes with a sore throat? It would much more manageable if I had one or the other, not both.

I cough, my throat hurts.

I cough some more, my throat hurts more.

See what I'm getting at?? It's a very vicious cycle that I'm dealing with right now. And to make matters worse, Hubby told me this morning that he couldn't sleep because he had a soar throat. Oops! Did I really just get my Hubby sick? Lord help me if he gets to feeling as crappy as me. I left him some cough drops that I placed in the shape of a heart. That should cancel out the fact that I got him sick, right?? Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

Have any of y'all ever got / made your significant other sick? Tell me that I'm not the only one!!

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