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Friday, March 1, 2013

Car Problems

Here is a little back story to help you understand what I've been going through. About the middle of January, Hubby and I went to his best friend's wedding near Jackson, MS, which meant we were taking my car. It had been super cold so I thought my car was being sluggish because of the weather, well I was wrong. While we were in MS my car started to jerk when Hubby was trying to accelerate really fast. {Not a cool trick} I blame my car's new trick on how Hubby drives my car. Fast & Furious anyone?!

So when we got back I did some investigating online and everything said to check the transmission. Hubby went out and checked the transmission fluid for me {I'm not mechanical} and returned to tell me he couldn't see any fluid. WHAT?!?! To make matters worse, my car has "special" transmission fluid that you can only get at the dealership's shops. So I call around and one place says they can't even look at my car until the end of February {mind you I called the the 3rd week of January}! So I called another place that didn't have a transmission guy and would have to send it off. thank you. Third place I called could see me. YAY!!! To make this long story short, there is a crack on a cap that connects my transmission to something else. Did I mention I'm not a mechanical person?

The part was ordered! :)

The part is on back order and I'm still leaking transmission fluid. :(

Fast forward to today {Friday} and my car was dropped off Wednesday morning to have the part fixed. Turns out that it wasn't just the cap-thingy that was cracked. Apparently some other part inside the transmission next to the cap is also cracked/broken. Thank God that they checked the rest of the transmission when they were putting the new cap on. So I'm stuck with a rental {Thank You Extended Warranty} until the beginning of next week. I can't wait to have my car back!!

And my sunglasses!

And my garage opener!

And my parking tag for work!

Yes I had not prepared myself for not getting my car back the same day I dropped it off. It's been super fun driving without my sunglasses. I'm sure the people at Parking & Transit enjoy the note I left them explaining it's a rental and begging them not to ticket me. On the bright side, today is Friday and some of Hubby's friends are coming to see the house tomorrow and to take a tree with them {more on that later}.

So to end this ever so long post, Happy Friday!!


  1. “...couldn't see any fluid.” - That was quite scary. Good thing you noticed it immediately before things got worse. Cars really have a special transmission fluid designated only for it. It's nice that you found yours in just three tries. Mine? I have to search over and over before I finally found it. Anyway, how's your car now? I hope it's working properly and you we're able to enjoy driving it again.

    #Tanner_Torchia @

  2. Diagnosing car problems by yourself has its advantages like learning more about the parts and behavior of your car. That's how mechanics learn the ABC's of auto repair, after all. But sending your car to where you bought it should have been your first call. Doing so will give them the chance to check further that status of your car's entire system, and you can ask for discounts. I hope your car's all better now.

    Jae Gunderson @