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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

HELP! Puppy Potty Training

Ok people, I am in need of your help!! I need to know any facts/tricks to help our little pup understand the whole {only} potty outside thing. At the moment, I feel as if I should own stock in paper towels because we are going through so many rolls lately.

I know he is still very young, almost 9 weeks old, but when exactly do they start to realize that they should go outside to pee??

We have puppy pads that we stick into his kennel during the day, while we are both at work. Now I get right now that there is no way he can hold it all day long, hence the puppy pads. The real problem is when he is out of the kennel playing, then all of a sudden he pees. Somedays I would swear he has an endless supply of pee!!

If any of you have any tips or advice, we would GREATLY appreciate it.

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  1. All I did with Beaux was stick his nose in it and tell him no, and then take him outside immediately after. It took him about a month or so before he started getting that it was the only place he should go, but there were still accidents for another few months.