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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Southern Bloogers

Hey y'all! I just stumbled over a giant list of southern bloggers! I'm so pumped over my little discovery this morning. A big thanks goes out to Rebecca over at xoxo Rebecca for coming up with this whole list.

 Here is the image of Rebecca's button {located on my sidebar} that takes you directly to the list:


Let me just say it one more time, I love this idea!!! I'm even on it {#304}. I can't wait to go through the list and discover some new blogs to follow. 

So go on over and check out the list. Let me know if you're already on it or if you just added yourself to it. I love making new blog friends!


  1. awww... this is an awesome post. Thank you so much for writing up one and showing my blog some love :) It's so appreciated and I hope you find lots of other wonderful bloggers out there from the list!!!

  2. Love my fellow southern bloggers! Thanks for stopping by and wishing my sweet girl a happy birthday! You definitely need a fur baby of your own ;-)