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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

House is a GO!

We just got the appraiser's report this weekend, and everything that he said needed to get fixed was fixed. Last week was the longest week of waiting ever! I spent days wondering when they would turn the water back on {ended up being late Thursday afternoon} and when the appraiser would be able to go back out to the house to check everything {sometime on Friday}.

So with all of that settled, we close this Friday!!! We have commenced the long ordeal of packing up everything we own, which for some reason I seem to have more stuff than the Hubby. I have no idea how that happened! ;)

We have really no food left in our fridge for this week. Last week I pretty much made dinners out of whatever was left in our freezer. The house doesn't have a fridge in it at the moment. Hopefully we can have one delivered this weekend! I refused to go shopping for more groceries, because I have this fear we will be living out of ice chests. Plus this way I don't have to deal with cleaning dishes!!! I'll keep y'all posted on how everything goes this week.

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