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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lowe's & Lost Ring

So I don't know if it is just us and our inability to remember everything we need, but I feel like I almost live at Lowe's. We have gone so many times in the past two weeks that I feel like they are going to remember who we are, and start judging us after our third trip to the store in one day. Uhhh! The other day I was going to the grocery store and I went on auto pilot or something because before I knew it, I was at Lowe's!!!

Here is a picture of our first trip to Lowe's that day.

The makings of a mailbox {because someone took the other one}, potting soil, and a few pots to transplant our herbs from the apartment to the house. At the apartment the Hubby had use cinder blocks as pots, but I said it wouldn't go with our new house.

Anyway, the installation of the mailbox post was going along smoothly once the Hubby found the original post's hole by the driveway. Everything was great, we put the cement in the hole and we leveled the post before it all dried. The Hubby went to wash off all the mud from his hands on the side of our house, and realized his ring was gone. Oh my heart sank when he told me that!! So we spent the rest of that day not installing the mailbox part to the post, but looking for his ring. Poor thing thought it had to be where he was washing his hands {and not in the cement foundation of the mailbox post} which just so happened to be next to a rather large ant mound, which i have been trying to kill for days.

Needless to say we didn't find it. I have decided that he made sacrifice to the house and everything else will go smoothly. {Fingers Crossed!}

Do any of you have any crazy stories from when you moved into your house?

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  1. I understand, I feel like we live at home depot. The employees there know our names! oh.

    And don't even get me started on mailbox vandals...
    I have plenty of craazy house stories. but way too many to write in a comment about lol

    1. Thanks Amanda. I'm glad to know it isn't just us!!