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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 + House Update

We've made it to 2013!! In true New Year's Resolution style, the Hubby and I have decided to get healthier. We already don't buy soft drinks for the house, which seems to be going pretty well. We only drinks soft drinks whenever we go places and sometimes on the weekend. Now we have added to cutout fast food. No more just picking something up on the way home for dinner, we actually have to cook something or get something from a healthier place to eat, like Subway. Since we are both completely on-board for this, it should work in helping us get healthier {and maybe a little skinnier too}.

Now onto the House!

We had our inspection done and there are no major issues that we didn't already know were there. The water spot on the living room ceiling is just from when the A/C unit pan overflowed, probably happened after they foreclosed on the house. We have to replace the broken window in the living room as well. We also need/want to replace the stained carpets with some wood-like flooring.

I say wood-like because we will eventually be getting a lab puppy and I see no point in spending a lot more money on real wood floors just to have the dog scratch them all up. Plus now they make the wood-like flooring that looks just like the real thing! {that's my practical side coming out}

Our bank sent out their appraiser New Year's Eve morning, and we got the report later that day. So now we have a few things to get done to be up to FHA's requirements. 1.) We needed to prove the spot was just from a leak and nothing serious. DONE. 2.) We have to put a stove in the house. I bought one the other day, and am just waiting to know what day to have them deliver it. HALFWAY DONE 3.) We have to fix the broken window. WORKING ON IT

Did I forget to mention that the previous people broke in {by breaking the window} to reclaim their appliances?? Yes all the appliances are gone, which in a way allows us to get whatever appliances we want.

Then once the house is ours, I can start to decorate/repaint it!!! I have complete control of decorating. The Hubby said I could do whatever as "long as it looked good," like I would want my house to look bad or something? lol


  1. We've been working on the whole eating out thing too. We are super guilty of just getting a pizza on the way home. Luckily I've never liked pop and have always been a water girl! Congrats on the house, it sounds like you'll have a blast decorating!

  2. fun updates! good luck with the resolutions and the house!
    new follower! XO