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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

House Hunting . . . . Almost Finished??

I've come to the realization that if I blog about it, then something happens. We have waited almost a month for the bank to make a decision on who gets the house, I don't understand why it took soooooo long for them to pick since we all had to do our "Highest & Best" offer twice!! And voila, they pick someone. Not just any someone, but us!!!! Oh Happy Day!

Ok, so they {aka the Bank} verbally agreed to our offer. Their higher up person just has to sign the paper, which could take up to a week. This gives us time to have all of our proverbial ducks in a row before our inspection period begins. I am so beyond excited, y'all just don't even know but the realist person in me knows that if there is anything majorly wrong with this house, we are back to square one. Positive thoughts!

I'll keep y'all posted on our new adventure as grown-ups!!

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